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Elevator Line – university entrance exam preparation - you can start according to your needs!! 

first step czech sound; introducing yourself;
I live, work, study and travel;
essential phrases and basic communication
second step eat and drink; shopping;
I buy, order, count, reserve;
practical communication for daily situations
third step travelling and accomodation;
space and time orientation; town
fourth step  meeting and conference;
office communication (post office, bank); employment
fifth step review lessons + improving activities;
difficult grammatical phenomena


  • starting according to your needs
  • free schedule
  • morning or evening alternatives
  • one-to-one tutoring, two students + teacher or small groups (3 students)
  • advantageous prices for pairs („partnership“) and small groups („trio“)

 Contact us at info@czechforforeigners.cz for more details and price list.


Why to choose our LANGUAGE BUILDING method?

  1. Fast and effective method based on KEY SKILLS.
  2. Each level is a complex of key skills – you know your plan in advance.
  3. You get the skills you really need.
  4. We teach modern language – standard and colloquial.
  5. We have skilled and flexible teachers.
  6. We cooperate with Charles University, Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies – member of Association of Language Testers in Europe – arranging Czech Language Certificate Exam.

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