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Elevator Line – university entrance exam preparation - you can start according to your needs!! 

first step czech sound; introducing yourself;
I live, work, study and travel;
essential phrases and basic communication
second step eat and drink; shopping;
I buy, order, count, reserve;
practical communication for daily situations
third step travelling and accomodation;
space and time orientation; town
fourth step  meeting and conference;
office communication (post office, bank); employment
fifth step review lessons + improving activities;
difficult grammatical phenomena


  • starting according to your needs
  • free schedule
  • morning or evening alternatives
  • one-to-one tutoring, two students + teacher or small groups (3 students)
  • advantageous prices for pairs („partnership“) and small groups („trio“)

 Contact us at for more details and price list.

Why to choose our LANGUAGE BUILDING method?

  1. Fast and effective method based on KEY SKILLS.
  2. Each level is a complex of key skills – you know your plan in advance.
  3. You get the skills you really need.
  4. We teach modern language – standard and colloquial.
  5. We have skilled and flexible teachers.
  6. We cooperate with Charles University, Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies – member of Association of Language Testers in Europe – arranging Czech Language Certificate Exam.

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