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CZECH FOR FOREIGNERS – in-company tuition

The educational institution Amos offer a large variety of language classes specialized in Czech classes for foreigners. We use the Language Building Method based on following principles:



Each course is a set of specified key skills .
Each course has a name according to a study topic (e.g. „Hotel and restaurant“ focused on shopping, ordering and booking, time and place orientation – the most useful phrases and grammar). 
The name of the class is a phrase with a reference of a subject, key skills and competency.


The students will develop new communication skills and improve the knowledge of Czech language.

The classes are majored in written and oral form of standard and colloquial Czech language.
The new modern vocabulary is used.
The institution Amos have classes of all levels - from beginners to advanced.



We test your current skills and after that we set together your own individual programme – with special reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar.

Each client is tested regularly and we control a progress in speaking, reading, listening and writing (percentage result).


CZECH CERTIFICATE EXAM (CCE) by Charles University

We cooperate with Charles University, Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies – member of Association of Language Testers in Europe – arranging Czech Language Certificate Exam.

We can prepare you for an international A1 level of CCE (or alternative one) in a short time.


Why to choose our LANGUAGE BUILDING method?

Fast and effective method based on key skills.

Each level is a complex of key skills – you know your plan in advance.

You get the skills you really need.

We teach modern language – standard and colloquial.

We have skilled and flexible teachers.


PRICE: 390 Kč + VAT/45 min.

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